Wednesday, December 18, 2013

What do a boutique, a 5 & 10 store, and a enterprise technology company have in common?

Customer Experiences.

Every experience we have with every brand (B2B and B2C) sets a precedent. If I have a great experience with Amazon for example, I then expect that CaptialOne, HP, Whole Foods or any other brand will be able to match that experience within their own domain. The boutique, 5 & 10, and tech vendor all have the opportunity to provide experiences that set a new precedent in our expectations for every other brand we engage with. Our expectations of brand experiences are blending:

-If I buy something online and have a chat box pop up with a real human who has a great personality and delivers great customer service, I then expect that everywhere.
-If I shop and see highly relevant, personalized recommendations, I then expect that everywhere.
-If you offer me something free that I would gladly pay for (A Youtility), I then expect that level of service everywhere.

However customer experience goes beyond just expectation setting, as Scott Brinker says here in his slideshare:
“Within the blink of a click, a customer can jump from reading an ad or an email to interacting with us in a digital channel. And the experience they have – good or bad – may be instantly shared, resonating in search and social circles for all time. This makes customer experiences the definition of our brand.(bold font added in by me)
What do your experiences say about your brand? Are you boring, hard to navigate, or exciting and easy to use? Tweet This:

The Hyper Focused Marketer:
While consulting with many B2B technology marketers I have seen many focusing only on what their direct competition is doing. We mustn’t forget that B2B buyers are still people. The experiences these people have with any other company B2C or B2B will carry through into their B2B Technology buying expectations.

When you do a competitive analysis, do you review every engagement point your potential visitors/customers have?  
Do you compare the customer experiences you provide with leaders from all industries, or just your core competitors?

The digital world in all its good and bad has created the ultimate melting pot for user experiences. These experiences will live on forever. We must ask ourselves, are we providing digital and physical experiences that will live on forever in the hall of fame, or the hall of shame? Tweet This:

The simple truth is, in today’s digital environments we are competing with Every Single Brand. Tweet This:



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