Monday, November 11, 2013

What your #1 goal for November should be (aside from growing a mustache)

This weekend like many other marketers I was thinking about the upcoming holiday season. However I wasn't thinking of holiday specials, promotions, or even Black Friday. So what is left after all that for holiday marketing plans? Dinners and parties with friends and family.

It’s a small world – and often our work lives cross over into personal. For me, many of my closest friends are those that I have the most in common with (work and personal interests included alike). Many of my longtime close friends in the offline world also happen to cross paths with me professionally and online.  Those from only the online world that I am most intrigued by or follow closest have several traits in common with me. Most are marketing based, but those that are also into biking, skiing or other similar hobbies of mine capture further interest.  That interest builds and turns to trust quickly.  

As I was thinking through this, I realized that when I sit with my friends and family in the upcoming weeks (for me many of whom are fellow marketers). In the course of small talk we will undoubtly end up talking shop at some point.

Nice weather huh? How is work? Busy, oh yea, me too….Anything cool or new going on there? And there you have it, a HUGE opportunity for all marketers to get their advocates to talk about their product or service with likely minded people. People that are like minded to your current customers are likely a good fit to be future customers.

For me I have been wildly excited about some of the data visualization tools like crazyegg lately and will likely end up talking about how cool the service is to my marketing buddies.

So there you have it. Your number 1 Marketing goal of November should be increasing the number of Advocates you have. Be the topic of conversation at the holiday parties.  

Why do you need Advocates?

Advocates as shown here – can drive huge impact to sharing your message and promoting your brand.

“90% of Advocates write something positive about their purchase experience.” If you can harness those comments and feedback, its valuable “earned” impact.

“Offers shared by trusted advocates convert at a 4x-10x higher rate”

 Need more? That trust I mentioned above, well we trust peers (IE Advocates) more than we trust communication from brands. As Jill Rowley said on twitter recently: “Why Employee Advocacy? Company-to-Buyer trust = 33% vs Peer-to-Peer trust = 92% Nielsen Research 2012  #SocialShakeUp”

How do we create more advocates?
As noted in the above slide share about Advocates – “50% of advocates recommend because of a good experience”. Focus on user experiences – from good content all the way through the buy “funnel” to the sale. Users are going to self-educate with content about 10+ times for complex purchases, if 1 in those 10 experiences isn’t absolutely great, they might not become an advocate. November should be about great mustaches, good content and better user experiences.

If you don’t understand the mustache reference, November is also Movember, (a good cause) so grow a mustache or donate! 

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