Thursday, September 12, 2013

What do Toilet Paper and Marketing have in common?

With football season officially upon us, a flood of amazing sports quotes come rushing into mind. Perhaps one of the funnier football quotes comes to us from College football coach Bob Green:

“The season's a lot like a roll of toilet paper. The closer you get to the end, the faster it goes."

What does this have to do with Marketing? Like the role of toilet paper, the closer to the end of the sales funnel you get, the faster it goes.

If you are waiting until the end of the funnel to try to engage your prospects, you are reducing the opportunities to build a relationship. It’s well accepted that buyers are progress through more of the sales funnel by doing their own research (Google, Sirius Decisions, Forrester all report buyer’s progress through more than half of the buy cycle before talking with sales). As marketers we need to carry the ball for more yards than ever before.  We need to take every opportunity possible to help our buyer’s research and engage them at every step.

If you are only engaging buyers during the last steps of the funnel (at the end of the role) there will be a sense of panic when you realize how little time you have to educate the buyer. You are going to need to work much harder in much less time to build the relationship. A relationship that your competitors established by engaging the buyer early on.

We need to make sure we are helping our prospects at every stage of the buy cycle. If we do that, we will be top of mind and lay the foundation to a strong relationship. Don’t let opportunity slip by. Don’t be caught with just one ply of toilet paper.

Do you have another good sport quote to tie back to marketing? Leave a comment with the quote and marketing tie in! 


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  2. The difference between toilet paper and marketing is kleenex, everything else just breaks apart!