Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The long fall of Content: How Content fell from King to Peasant.

As marketers we have all heard that “Content is King”, however with the significant increase in content marketing tactics recently, content in many cases has fallen to be the peasant.

King is not for everyone, only the select few are lucky enough to be king. Peasants are everywhere. In today’s always connected world content is everywhere – in this way content has become the peasant.
Take a look at this site to get a good visual demonstration of just how much content is out there:
So what has replaced content as king?


Relevance is the key to breaking through all the noise. As noted by Seth Godin – “spam is always in the eye of the recipient”. Relevant content will ensure that you rise to the top and are once again King with your content strategy.

What are the keys to producing better more relevant content? Check out this blog post I have on How to perform a content audit. This should give you the tools needed to ensure your content can rise to be king once again. 

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