Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Content Marketing Lessons From My Dentist

I was at the dentist today, and I actually enjoyed the experience. Going into the appointment, like most people, I was dreading it. It was just a cleaning, but I still hate going to the dentist. Then without even fully grasping it in the moment, the foundations of content marketing took over and it became a good experience.

Content marketing is about building relationships.  The hygienist and I talked about everything from college, free diving, healthcare, to traveling.  These conversations, although not related to her solutions (teeth whitening, cavities, etc.) were good, and help me develop a relationship. As I walked out, I realized I enjoyed what in many cases is a negative experience.

A relationship was built, as a result I am a lifelong customer. Word of mouth, and word of keyboard (social sharing) will undoubtedly kick in. Brand advocacy has been established.

Whats the take-away? Content marketing doesn't always need to tie back to your solution. Focus on the relationship first (Jon Miller has a good post similar to this here). This relationship building also applies in your social strategy, as @LaurenEHarper calls out here! 


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