Monday, July 1, 2013

My Weekend Reading List

Ahhh, summer. Great weather, vacations, delicious seasonal beers, and of course time for reading. As I drive by many schools on my commute I see banners reminding kids and parents about their summer reading lists. This gave me an idea for a new post series – my summer weekend reading picks.  Each week I will highlight some of my favorite reads I have discovered. Below  is my list which is the first in this series:
Over this past weekend I came across 3 articles/posts that really struck me:

  1. Comes from Twitter (@habesh) – “What Top Marketers Do Differently [IBM study]” This includes some highlights from a recent IBM study given to marketers identifying what top marketers do differently. For obvious reasons this will point back to interpreting data in real time and being agile with the big data we collect.  That said, it offers some excellent survey findings into the challenges we face as marketers, and how to solve them. The Key Take Away for me – it’s about understanding your customers and acting fast to changing behaviors all while using a converged marketing strategy.
  2. Second up is another great one from Twitter (@BartDP) “Infographic: Don’t Let Your Content FlatlineThis is a great infographic showcasing just how short our attention spans are. I have had many conversations with clients where I remind them that in today’s world of distractions our attention spans are so short we often times don’t even read a complete 140 character tweet.  This helps back that up, and showcases the need for quick, hard hitting, relevant, and timely content are all keys to success in your content marketing strategy.
  3. The last one comes from the blog – “Gartner’s mind-blowing digital marketing transit map”. To me this is a great visualization tool of just how complex our job as marketers is.  There are so many strategies, tools, tactics, etc. involved in today’s plans that we will never be able to master them all. This shows just how important having trusted partners with specialties is. However another key take away is addressed in the blog post linked here, it’s a must read!

Enjoy, and leave a comment with what great reading you discovered over the weekend, or have listed for this summer!

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