Friday, June 28, 2013

Why Precision Targeting Is Necessary

Market research firm Yankelovich reports that we are seeing upwards of 5,000 ads a day. How many of these made an impact on you, how many do you remember seeing, how many did you engage with?

How do you make sure your branding efforts break through all that noise?
Let me use two personal experiences to highlight a good example of branding/display ads and a poor example.

A Bad Experience:
Last night  I was working out, and enjoying what some might call “aggressive” music on Pandora.  Then in-between songs an ad plays, and it’s for a Broadway album.  I don’t ever listen to any Broadway style music (nothing wrong with it, it’s just not my thing); beyond that none of my 30+ stations even resemble a classic Broadway style.

Why is this so bad? Being a marketer I know what targeting capabilities exist. I will and do pass judgment on the publisher and the advertiser for failing to be smart enough to interrupt my experience with something relevant to me.  Both publisher and advertiser are likely not going to get any type of positive engagement out of me as a result. In fact, the opposite has occurred; they both decrease their brand perception in my mind.

A Good Experience:
For those that don’t know me personally, I like bikes. I have a motorcycle, ride mountain bikes, and enjoy just about any 2 wheeled activities. I am pretty much always in the market for a bike relate product. About a month ago while I was reading some work related blogs, I notice some standard banner ads for JP Cycles appeared with motorcycle bars (something I had been searching for recently). 

Why is this creepy level of targeting good? Because I know it’s possible, and I value any relevant content that is put in front of me.  It was so effective and timely, that months later I still remember the ad, the site, and the product they promoted. YES, the banner got my click. I also have a positive perception of JP Cycles as being in tune with my current wants.

So while some think that branding and display ads are a medium which interrupts user experiences, I think that’s okay, as long as you are relevant and timely with what you present. Do this well, you will receive engagement, and leave a positive impression.

My Take Away:
Today’s shift in media consumption has proven that buyers expect relevant content, and just as importantly content that is personalized. If you fail to adapt to users expectations brand perceptions will be impacted.

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