Monday, June 24, 2013

The Power of Video – Drive Organic Value and Increase Engagement

As humans we are all drawn to video, because of its easy ability to engage, draw us in and tell a story. This is why we all love a good movie, funny home video, or adrenalin pumping helmet camera footage. As Marketers – our job every day is to tell our story. This is why video can be such a powerful tool.

The recent explosion of video sharing tools like Vine and Instragram (now with video) have shown our love of video.  While these video tools capture just 6 and 15 second videos, which I would argue isn't long enough for B2B Technology buyers to gain value; they do show proof in numbers for our love of video.
So how do we use videos effectively as B2B Technology Marketers?

Capture Users Attention:
In this Moz blog post it’s found that having video thumbnails appear in your search results can drive more views than even the #1 organic search results.

You've Capture them, Now Tell Your Story:
Using video is a powerful way to capture users that have reached your landing page or site. This is clearly seen in both of the 2 screen shots below which are sites of ours with video elements built in. The white hot sections are where video players live on the pages. (Client names/logos have been blurred out to protect the clients)

Now, before you critique the images and comment about the videos being above the fold, consider this blog post from Kissmetrics showing that ““The Fold” isn't That Important”. I could show additional heat maps from my own experience also supporting this finding that “the fold” isn't that important anymore, but that might be best for another blog post.

Need more video engagement proof? Consider these video results coming from campaigns including some of the above screen shots:

  • Video were all of the Top 10 most viewed elements on the page
  • 60% of the page visitors viewed Video
  • Video increased page dwell time by 150% 

Telling your Story: How long do you have?
One of the most frequently asked questions I get about videos is, “how long should my video be?” While the simple answer is, as long as it takes to tell your story – there is an ideal length based on research which has been published - Content Marketing Institute has a great post on this here. Bottom line, when producing video for B2B Technology buyers try to keep them limited to 2-5 minutes in length.

So in your content marketing plans for the back half of the year, where does video fall? If your goal as a marketer is to produce content that will engage, and drive organic value – video must be considered.  

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