Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The Intelligence Driven Marketer - The Value of Buyer Personas

As you may recall in my last blog posting we addressed the value of "content streams". I want to expand on that and  drill a bit deeper on the content streams concept and highlight the value of integrating Buyer Personas.
We have already identified that users are spending more time doing their own research and less time talking to sales. The content streams help to keep users engaged before they are ready to talk with sales, but using the "persona" approach gives marketing a more personalized and "intimate" conversation with the prospect. The prospect is more inclined to feel that they're being recognized and their pain points understood. The benefits here are clear:
To bring these benefits to life I want to showcase some results from a recent clients campaign  featuring a well-integrated persona strategy:

  • Personas Are Delivering Deeper Prospect Engagement
    • 24% of users engaging with multiple campaign assets
  • Personas Are Driving Accelerated Prospect Consideration
    • 61% of the leads engaging with decision stage assets
  • Personas Are Developing More Educated Buyers
    • Driving well over 2x our average content click rates

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