Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The Intelligence Driven Marketer - The Value of Content Streams

The dynamics of marketing have forever changed. Google, Sirius Decisions, and TechTarget Media Consumption reports have all published similar findings recently proving that our jobs as marketers are now harder than ever before. The reason for this is that the role of marketing has expended and we are now responsible for covering far more of the buy cycle education than ever before.
The best way for marketers to adapt to this challenge is to be super-prepared with relevant content streams. It's important that we offer relevant content to keep users engaged and educated on their problems for at least 50%-70% of the buy cycle decision process.
Here are some tips to engage the right people at the right time:
Tip 1 – Remember that what you want to say (buy my product) might not be what your prospects need to hear AT THAT TIME. You must find a balance of what your prospect cares about, and align that back to what you want to say. Remember – "Great marketing is lessabout what the product is, and more about why it matters to the people who buyit"

Tip 2 – Be mindful of what content mediums work with your buyers at difference stages.  IT buyers have proven year over year that there are some core content types that resonate best as they move through the buy cycle – focus content production on these five types, then, as budgets and time allow, expand to other mediums:

Bringing these elements together will help develop the content strategy for success. If you get this right, you will produce content that resonates with the right users at the right time. You will capture more prospect engagement, and develop leads faster. 

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