Thursday, June 20, 2013

Native Advertising – Why it’s Here to Stay

In our marketing lives we will see lots of fads that come and go (think those billboard trucks for one example, all but gone today).

Yet there is one trend that has recently surged in popularly and is here to stay, Native Advertising. So why is Native Advertising here to stay?

Bottom line – it’s a turn-key, effective way for us to put relevant content in front of potential prospects and increase engagement. What’s not to like? Need more proof, here are some performance metrics we saw a in a recent native advertising campaign we ran at TechTarget. These metrics came out of a 3rd party who survey the audience and compared exposed impact against viewers of a non-exposed control group.

People who viewed the native advertising messaging were strongly impacted:
  • The articles are 324% more effective at generating purchase consideration
  • IT Buyers who read the articles are 31% more likely to buy from the client
  • After reading the articles buyers are less likely to buy from primary competitors by 4%-9%

Native Advertising is a hybrid of many of our favorite elements in marketing right now, content marketing, inbound marketing, branding, etc.

What are you doing to scale you content production to meet the demands of today’s content hungry buyers, have you considered Native Advertising? 

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