Friday, June 14, 2013

Getting Social with B2B Technology Marketing

I like kittens, puppies, and cute kid pictures; so what does that have to do with B2B IT Buying?

The answer – Nothing. Nothing at all. Facebook and others in the Big 4 social sites are great tools for people to use when keeping in touch with friends and family, but not many people are using these channels for tough B2B Buying research or decision making. Simply put, it’s not the best venue for these types of conversations. 
Yes, a social communication strategy is necessary in today’s marketing environment. However a critical element of that is choosing the right social channel to communicate with. Our research helps to demonstrate this by showing that 76% of IT buyers spend time using independent social communities during research, compared to just 41% of people using the Big 4. Beyond that those 41% that use the big 4 are mostly doing so to “engage with peers”, rather than get “answers to specific IT questions”:

So what is the punch line?  As IT Marketers we need to understand where our IT buyers are active from a social media perspective and what their goals are to enable more relevant conversations.  Find the audience and have the right conversations. Oh and of course, unless you are posting photos of kittens on your servers maybe avoid Facebook.

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