Tuesday, June 18, 2013

3 Easy Tips to Produce Content That is Relevant

Tip 1 – Use Google Trends:
                The first time I used this tool I was blown away by how simple yet effective it is. This tool will give you a better understanding of what phrases your audience is searching for.  Recently I used this tool in a current campaign to learn that the Go-To-Market terminology being used wasn't yet an in industry accepted phrase. We then adjust copy to use industry accepted terms and are now working to shift minds to focus on these new terms. The below is the screen shot (minus the terms to protect the client). The red line is the client’s new terminology, and the blue is the industry accepted terminology. Using more of the terminology from the blue line extends the reach and engagement we will get.

             Going Deeper - Use this to find the phrases that will resonate best in your copy.  Make sure you are clearly addressing the impact your solution has against that phrase. Appeal to peoples pain points and keep your content focused on THEM, not your company. Remember it’s about their problems!
The Proof - Using Google Trends, a current campaign of mine saw 215% lift in response rates by using this strategy to adjust messaging

Tip 2 – Listen to your audience:
                One of the big benefits of having TechTarget as a marketing partner is getting the access to an unparalleled audience, and the depth of knowledge about those audience members that comes with this. The single easiest and best way to make sure your content is addressing the primary pain points of your prospective buyers is by asking them. TechTarget does this through Purchase Intentions studies and can share this feedback to help tailor a marketing message better. Joe Pulizzi summed it up well in this MarketingProfs slideshare eBook “work to solve those challenges with helpful information that doesn’t just gloss over, but really answers their questions”
            The Proof – In a recent campaign a client that adjusted their messaging to focus on the pain points expressed by users in purchase intentions studies (instead of talking about their products) saw response rates increase by 11 fold.

Tip 3 – Use the right Medium:
                Relevant content needs to not only communicate the right message, but it needs to do so in the right medium to be most effective. When producing content take into consideration which stage of the buy cycle you want to reach users in, and consider using the below content types for the respective buy stages.

The Proof – I have expressed the need to clients on many occasions that vendor comparison assets are great content types to use for late stage buyers. They capture strong response rates from users, as well as provide users with something they are tasked with doing (comparing a short list of vendors). In a recent campaign I managed, a client using a 3rd Party vendor comparison assets saw response rates that were the strongest in the campaign, and performed at 3x our site average response rate. 

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