Thursday, June 27, 2013

2 Key Findings from a recent B2B Buyer Behavior Report

To follow up my recent Content Marketing blog post I recently read another interesting B2B buyer behavior report with some really interesting information. At least I thought it was interesting, and I hope you do too! This information is related to content marketing and lead nurturing.

Report Finding: The amount of content/thought leadership is a top 3 driving factor for buyers who are making a short list
                What this means – continuing to add new content is critical, but beyond that focusing on thought leadership content to get user early in cycle and set the stage for the conversations to come. Better educated respondents will lead to better leads
                                Similarly - Checklist and Guides are cited by 47% of respondents as being a late stage driver – consider using these in all programs

Report Finding: when asked what was generally missing from solution provider web sites, a plurality of buyers (37%) cited issues with the relevance of the content they viewed, in terms of criteria like job role or industry vertical.

                What this means – This just further highlights the value of using persona based content, and content streams to nurture each persona.

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